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I have the program and have not had any issues except the latest version except when the program loads there are errors referring to Brownell's and the program is limited to 10guns.. The issue with this software is a total lack of customer support by failing to respond to issues regarding license numbers. I had some guns stolen and the update would not allow me to use my old password to reload the database so I could report the serial number of the firearms stolen. I emailed the "Wolfrage guy" and after over three weeks he failed to reply with any fix for my issue. So all those people including myself who upgraded could not use the database program. I finally was able to find a copy of the old program on an old computer that I retired. That is the program I am using now. I tried to buy another copy but the passcode was never sent and my Paypal account was never charged. It might be that the terse emails I sent to him regarding my situation made him angry. I really expected more from him due to the tie-in with CMP and the good folks on the board here. I have read the excuses that he offered and they are reminiscent of programmers in the past who either could not or would not follow through on there obligation to the customers that they solicited to purchase the product. The programmer has the right idea in building a database for collectors and reloaders and seems to grasp their needs. This man has left a lot of people hanging with a unsupported database. The least this man should do is to finish his work by removing the errors and furnish his past users with their license numbers so people who have paid their money have proper access to their database. If I were in his shoes, I would be so ashamed that I let so many people down.
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