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Originally Posted by Fenris_Bane View Post
I don't think so. The pistol was shipped to Army General Supply Anniston, Alabama from a Department of Defense (DoD) Agency. There are dozen of these agencies. It was likely shipped there to be stored as surplus with the rest of the pistols. I would bet that it came from a Guard unit or a State's stock pile or weapons unassigned to units.

On 05 June 2020, it was shipped to The Civilian Marksmanship Program, so it would have been part of the FY 2020 allotment received while Round 1 was still going on.
I k ow these request results are usually vague, but why was it never inventoried until it was handed over by an unknown DoD branch in 2010? Any govt weapon is usually inventoried at least once a year., right?

This pistol was a rack grade I received. It's a blued 1940 colt frame with stippling on the front grip area of the frame and has a rebuild Mark that is presumed to be from the marine Corp base in Barstow
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