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Originally Posted by IRON WORKER View Post
Are you sure it was Winchester ? That was in second block of SA rifles 1959 . I have 111,xxx. And 113,xxx
Number comes up as SA on the historical site.
The number is correct, 50 years ago Is a long time to remember I just assumed it was a Winchester based on the serial number look up. The serial number is written on the data book by me back then.

On day before pre Qual day we had a recruit on the 200 yard line firing and the lug and roller sheared off the rifle and the bolt or parts came out of the rifle and skinned the edge his right eyebrow off.

Ceasefire was called everyone turned in ammo and went to the grass. Don't remember if it was the whole series or just out platoon. We were cattle cared turned in our rifles drew new rifles and they did appear new. We went back to the range cleaned them greased then. The next morning shot them 200, 300 and 500. Them again the the afternoon later than normal them the next day fired for qualification.
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