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Treasure is right. Treasure even the memories. Every time I pick the thing up I think about this one.

When I was in 7th grade we had to do what they now call, "show and tell". Back then the nuns called it a "report" on something we REALLY REALLY liked do do. UH-HUH like this was going to be hard.

Two days later I took that very same IBM Carbine on the bus, empty and in a case of course, to St. Joan of Arc Catholic grade school in Library Pa. Kept it in the closet at the back of the room all day. When my turn came, I grabbed the rifle, slung it over my little shoulder and marched up to Sister Susan's desk.

I spread a wool Army blanket on her desk, and proceeded to field strip that bugger right there in her classroom. All the while telling the kids how it worked, what kind of bullets it shot, how many it held in the magazine, and how you could hit something way far away, like 100 yards even, and how my Dad carried it and brought it back with him when he came home from the war.

Finished my report, slapped it back together, worked the bolt just for effect, slung it over my shoulder and marched out of the classroom. Sister Susan didn't even blink. Jeeeeez, I can remember that like it was yesterday. How weird is that?

And I'm going to be 58 this June. No guys, not the 6th. Five days later. I know as soon as anyone around here says anything about June. We all automatically think the 6th.

Not one word from the nun about bringing a gun into class. Not one kid going home and telling his parents that one of his/her classmates brought a "banned" thing to school. Yep, times sure are a changin. Not that long ago you could go into any hardware store, Sears, corner sporting goods, heck even Kaufman's Department store had a gun department, and buy a rifle or shotgun.

And not one school shooting ever took place!

Me thinks I treasure THOSE days right along with the thoughts of my Dad.


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