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Default SAI vs USGI Stock Shape & Dimensions

Probably a simple Q for the old M14 collector guys: Got an SAI M1A a while back, then ordered a surplus M14 stock for a couple of reasons: (1) keep the SAI stock "cherry", and (2) also to have a bit of the original stuff. The stocks are quite different in profile/dimensions, not even considering the selector switch cut-out. The USGI stock has quite a sharp comb and pistol grip, while SAI is much fatter and rounder. The other major difference is the mag well wood. The USGI I received is only about 3/16" thick on LH side vs. 3/8" for the RH side. The SAI is symetrically @ 3/8" on both sides. Comments for a newish M1A-M14 guy (did carry one for a couple of years in the mid-60s Army, but no recall of details) are welcome.
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