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An unwrapped bayonet on a table is $200.00
To some, a wrapped bayonet is not that.
Remember, this is not "the hobby"; there are many ways to enjoy it. Some people only collect new, high end goose guns, others collect only rack grade appearing relics. Some want every variation of SA M1s, others may "need" to have a new in the wrap bayonet for each of their in the wrap service rifles. Who knows, and does it matter to us?

I have an M1 bayonet from Dupage that's in the wrap (pretty sure it is from an arsenal rebuild). I paid $50-75 for it a few years ago, and I'm sure it's worth about that. But I can't seem to unwrap it; it somehow seems to be worth more (to me) as a mystery.

T38Carbine summed it best.
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