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Default Interested in EIC Pistol

Fellows. Don't know where to start so I'll ask some maybe silly questions. I'm a NRA/CMP HighPower rifle shooter. I "might" have an interest in (I think) EIC pistol shooting after doing some handgun shooting yesterday. I did a very fast read thru the CMP Pistol rules book so pardon me if I past over rules that should have been obvious to me.


1) I have a Kimber 22cal RF conversion unit that I currently have installed on a Colt 1911 Commander frame. Would this setup be EIC (or any CMP event) legal?

2) I have a Rock Island Armory "Commander" (4.5" bbl?) 45ACP would this also be legal?

3) My understanding of the Rules is that firing is done at 25 and 50 yards. Seems waaaay far from the "usual" 7 yard shooting (some time 15) I do. IF...and that's a big IF.... I get serious about shooting Pistol..... any suggestions about shooting at what seems to me LONGGGG ranges? I suppose I can get the needed targets and try shooting them at 25 and 50 yards (if my current pistols are "legal").

4) Ammo... I "assume" for the centerfire pistol one can handload. Correct? and if so what loading for 9mm (have a S&W Shield and Sig P6...those "legal"?)and 45acp is "usually" used ( I fully realize that's a real general question)?

Maybe more questions to follow....
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