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Fellows. Gee... I read thru the previous post questions...and answers about EIC Pistol shooting.

Maybe I best stick to Rifle... ...

No... I'd "consider" trying EIC pistol but Perhaps the equipment I currently have is ...not to competitive. This 50 yard shooting stuff sounds...challenging and it seems the equipment I currently have is waaaaay out of its league right off the bat.

My pistol "skill" level aside... any recommendations on a handgun (Or what a handgun should have to be competitive) that MAYBE I should consider before being "disappointed" by my match results?

I think I can relate to what I'm asking by my experiences at rifle HP where a "newbie" shows up with a "factory" AR and store bought ammo only to scatter POI all over a target. It's discouraging but part of it being so is that the"newbie" doesn't look into this type of shooting before he shows up to a match. When he does he sees $$$$$$$.

So... with that in "gentle" with your response
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