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Originally Posted by ptf18 View Post
The Kimber features adjustable sights.

Do competitors shooting 22rf try various 22rf ammo for accuracy in these pistols (similar to shooting Smallbore"?
Accuracy is not as big a deal in pistol as it is in smallbore—it’s probably more important that the ammo cycles well. Maybe others will have a different experience, but I find that the really expensive .22s aren’t any more accurate than Ruger Standards or Buckmarks, they’re just more adjustable. To prove this for a Bullseye clinic, one of the HMs put an Ultradot on a 22/45 and shot an 894 once. I’ve got Hammerlis, Feinwerkbaus, etc., but I legged out with a Ruger Lite that I picked up for under $300. Simply holding the black at 50 yards is usually good enough for leg points in pistol.
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