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Default 7.62 Mann Project with dad

We sold a NPM carbine on here two days ago and today dad went to the SS to pick up a 7.62 Mann. We are going to make a long range/bench rifle out of it. We read and saw the pics on here and it looked like a fun project. He picked out the two with the best barrel and then he and Leon chose the best from them. We ended up with :

Smith Corona 4871198 (According to it originally was 1:5000 that was part of a serial numbering error) ME<=0

Barrel is 21.5" Stainless Steel
Barrel sections starting from the chamber to muzzel
1.2465", 1.233", 1.2515", 1.2360"
Collar 1.50" and 1.75"

Barrel Markings: D7553795 F86 7029 453 WLkr (Walker) Any idea what all this means?

I have a Timney featherweight trigger that should be here on Saturday.

Our next step is to figure out what to do. Here are our thoughts:

1. Clean the rifle and start on finding/building a stock
2. Clean, have the outside of the barrel turned to smooth it up(removing a small amount of metal) and then refinish the whole rifle
3.Clean, not smoothing the the barrel and having the whole rifle refinished one color ( the barrel being SS, I don't believe can be parked)

Any ideas on where to get a stock? I like the one on here from richards Micro, but didn't want to be a complete copy cat.

What are your thoughts, ideas on any of it?
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