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Originally Posted by Chesapeake View Post
We sold a NPM carbine on here two days ago and today dad went to the SS to pick up a 7.62 Mann. We are going to make a long range/bench rifle out of it. We read and saw the pics on here and it looked like a fun project. He picked out the two with the best barrel and then he and Leon chose the best from them. We ended up with :

Smith Corona 4871198 (According to it originally was 1:5000 that was part of a serial numbering error) ME<=0

Barrel is 21.5" Stainless Steel
Barrel sections starting from the chamber to muzzel
1.2465", 1.233", 1.2515", 1.2360"
Collar 1.50" and 1.75"

Barrel Markings: D7553795 F86 7029 453 WLkr (Walker) Any idea what all this means?
WLkr is WALKER, the barrel manufacturer, but I have yet to identify what company or person that is.

I have a Timney featherweight trigger that should be here on Saturday.

Our next step is to figure out what to do. Here are our thoughts:

1. Clean the rifle and start on finding/building a stock
2. Clean, have the outside of the barrel turned to smooth it up(removing a small amount of metal) and then refinish the whole rifle
I personally would not alter the barrel's exterior. There must be a good reason for those steps in barrel diameter. I believe it is to break up the natural resonance of the barrel. You can make it prettier but I suspect it will compromise performance.
3.Clean, not smoothing the the barrel and having the whole rifle refinished one color ( the barrel being SS, I don't believe can be parked)

Any ideas on where to get a stock? I like the one on here from richards Micro, but didn't want to be a complete copy cat.
Read through the MANN threads already posted. Several of them give the names of the stock sources they used and most of the stock manufacturers will make it custom to fit your needs.

What are your thoughts, ideas on any of it?
See comments above.
One last comment (or conjecture).
Attaching a scope to a MANN rifle has been the most vexing challenge for those who have turned this rifle into a bench rest rifle. Doing that without modifying the receiver may not be possible. But I believe a scope can be attached to the collar without modification and without altering the performance. But such an attachment would require custom machining as the barrel diameter is larger than any commercial barrel on the market. The receiver rear sight dovetail could be used to anchor the occular end of the scope and a scope ring for that may already be available. A custom made barrel ring with a dove ail on top, attached to the collar, could be used to attach a scope ring to the objective end of the scope. I believe there is a Scout scope that might also be attached to that single rear sight dove tail.
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