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Default New to Bullseye, from Frankfort, KY

Thanks James for getting my account working!

I started practicing Bullseye a few months before Camp Perry this year at the behest of a friend that has been shooting bullseye for a while.

I had a GREAT time at Camp Perry! I attended SAFS Pistol, shot the M9, Service Pistol EIC, NTI EIC, and President's Pistol. Everyone was friendly, and I got some great tips from people. Especially Worster- my Marine Shooting Team instructor for SAFS.

Since then, my friend and I have been pushing each other, and my scores have come up from a 99 NMC the first time, to a fairly consistent 200-205. I had a breakthrough yesterday with a 220.

I can't wait until I get this trigger pull issue resolved so I can get my next breakthrough. Even in dry fire, I'm seeing my front sight pull left. So far, I've resisted the urge to touch the sights, because I want to cure the root issue.

My friend urged me to adjust the sights, because my scores would be instantly higher, and I can always adjust them back once I fix my trigger control.

I guess I'm just stubborn.

What do you think?

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