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I have a few Remington 513-T rifles and have seen this same problem on some of them. I think that the problem could be with the bolt itself. If you look at the bottom of the bolt (when handle is up and ready to draw bolt back) you might see a small chip at the end of the groove on the bolt where it connects with the sear. That may be causing the bolt to skip over the sear and pull out of the receiver.

On rifles that have that problem, the only solution I have found is to be careful when ejecting the spent shell. Only pull the bolt back lightly, and don't force it with all your might.

Bolts can be switched out with another 513T to see if the problem (of pulling out) repeats, but don't actually fire any shells with the bolt from another rifle unless you check the head space. I have found that some bolts will function mechanically, but fail to fire when switched to another rifle. Also, you might experience blow back from a poorly headspaced bolt.

If your bolt itself is the problem, I do not know if it can be repaired or will have to be replaced. You might ask one of the CMP armorers about it.
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