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Thanks to all who replied, I will move ahead and submit $25.00 to the CMP.

The rifle in question has sentimental value to me as it was the first Garand I handled and shot.

It was earned by the father of a great high school friend, who is a Korean war USMC tank commander veteran. He used my Mini 14 in the required match. Upon the return to me of the Mini 14 he opined it was a a piece of s#!& (crap). He qualified for the M1 rifle with it though!

This rifle was purchased from him in a time of (his) financial need, and I was honored to help this veteran. His family did a lot for me in my teens.

It will be listed for sale in the not too distant future, although in different furniture. It was delivered to me in a very attractive stock, which has been heavily sanded and varnished. I am unsure if this was the original stock the rifle shipped with.

Thank you again for the input.
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