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Hello to all! I have been a member of the forum for some time now, several months or so, but was unable to post or reply to a post. Got that squared away!

Former active duty Infantryman (10 years), retired (20 years) class 1 locomotive engineer. Married with five children, one deceased, and eight Grandchildren. Born again Christian preaching the Gospel. Originally from WV but reside in KY now.

I collect Winchester firearms, shoot some of them, some are safe queens, one never shot even. I collect old Winchester Advertisements, old Winchester or Western, with a few Remington ammo boxes. And collect other firearm related items. My favorite weapon would be my Springfield Armory M1A Supermatch from 1995 built by Glenn Nelson.

School trained (2 different assignments) US Army Small Arms Repairman (Unit Armorer), and completed Berettas Armors Course in early 90s. Many moons ago now, and I didnít fulfill my dream then of gunsmithing for a living, so I just stuck to doing my own gunsmithing at home for myself and few others now and again.

Never a competition shooter, but would like to someday shoot at Camp Perry just to say I did it. Unfortunately do not have a range close enough without hours of driving to shoot long range.

I look forward to learning technical, historical, and just good to know things and to converse and interact with you all. Some folks I know from other forums as well. God Bless and good to meet you even if from afar.
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