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Default The rifle...

has been extensively gunsmithed. The trigger is a fully-adjustable commercial type, but I can't identify the manufacturer.
The bolt has been modified by altering the cocking cam, presumably with the intent of shortening striker fall. The cocking piece is not the headless NM type, but a much-modified issue type, with evidence of welding and grinding, probably to work properly with the commercial trigger and the modified bolt.
The receiver has been notched for an altered bolt handle.
The bolt appears to have a bevel in the firing pin hole (possibly from a lathe center?), which is an undesireable condition and can result in a raised ring on the fired primer, and possibly contribute to pierced primers.
The stock has been bedded to the barreled action with some attention to proper fit (the blue substance on the wood surfaces was used to check fit as bedding progressed), but the overall work of inletting is fairly rough.
More photos of the other parts of the rifle would permit more thorough evaluation.

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