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Default April 5 GSVM Match at Camp Perry

I've been to Camp Perry twice before for SAFS, and want to shoot at the April 5th 2020 match.

I see that first shots are at 9am. What time do I need to arrive on the day of the event?

Is it possible to shoot 2 different rifles that day? Would want to shoot Garand and Modern Military (M16a1 clone).

Petrarca is a 100 yard range and electronic targets, right? With it being electronic targets, is there any reason to bring a spotting scope other than for reading mirage for the wind?

Is this match a 30 round (10 slow prone, 10 rapid prone, 10 slow standing) or a 50 round (20 slow prone, 10 rapid prone, 10 rapid sitting, 10 slow standing) match?

Since these are electronic targets, how does the match go, is it similar to the paper target matches where the entire firing line is in sync with each other? Or is it individual competitors arriving on the firing line, shooting their full course of fire, and then leaving? (or some other method)
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