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Originally Posted by roninflag View Post
i do not understand why they quit making 30-06. the CMP and us as shooters need to get them to resume and make it in 155, 167 and 175 grain just like 308. their ammo shot great out my garands. Ron

the 30-06 brass and 167 grain bullets have never been out of stock where i shop. the 210M primers they used and powder i think was N140 or N150 has been out of stock at my local store. Creedmore caters to the target shooters and is manufacturer of ammo. they should be able to secure the material to make the ammo. the garand ammo they made sold quickly.
Creedmoor is currently making it. I talked to the customer service lady and she said they are producing the 167 30-06 in Lapua brass 5 days a week and the Hornady 150 grain 30-06, she said CMP has the contract to buy it all. If they are able to catchup on CMP purchase order they will add any extra to the website. She suggested we sign up on the notify me tab so we know when some will be available.
I dont see any on CMP site either, they may be filling back orders first idk. May have to call and get put on the notify me list.
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