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I love that you posted this and the thread post by "normannewguy" which I had seen but couldn't find myself to re-post in my build thread. I recently wrestled all of these questions and have some thoughts. The 1903/1903a3 stock is cool but the lightening cuts in the barrel channel put me off of that. I went with the Turkish Mauser stock because it came off a German K98k that had been sporterized. And that Carpathian walnut is sweet. I have a VZ24/48 stock which would also. Since the USA perloined the mauser to make the 1903 the action dimensions as to the mounting screws and recoil lug is the same. I had to enlarge the magazine well to accomodate the 1903a3 stamped magazine/trigger guard, I had to relieve some wood in the trigger well of the stock and on top to bring the 1903 rear receiver tang down to position. All of this was easy to do.
The 1.630 GO gage CMP sells closed in my Mann rifle with a slight bit of pressure before i started. I understand from Bob's research that the chamber is cut to the 7.62x51 NATO case dimension. Anything bigger fits poorly. As in you have to apply more than normal pressure to chamber a round.
So far running a once fired NATO case thru a full length sizing die fits with no issues. I plan to hand load with a Small Base Die as an additional step for the Mann.
Getting the collar off is easy. I had a guy take measurements off of it and make a one off custom spacer/shim. Putting it back on was easy too. Crush fit past GO gage and back off a bit to return to head space.
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