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More like 'What's this thing do' than putting on the dope. That looks like me except I don't have that bald spot in the back (as far as I can tell).

They sure didn't design the windage and elevation knob markings with 50 year old eyes in mind.

I have been trying to get some of the collectors I know involved and I may have some luck in January/February. For those that haven't tried a match, it is a lot of fun and the atmosphere is very inviting. There just isn't a down side to shooting in a match. Even if you shoot poorly you learned something and it is better than cleaning out the garage or some other honey do. And you are likely to be surprised at how well you can shoot that 60 year old rifle. To steal a marketing phrase, Just do it. I don't shoot well enough to compete with the big dogs but when ever I can get my boss to come, we have a standing bet. Who ever shoots the lowest score buys lunch on the way home.
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