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Originally Posted by jdwboy View Post
The M16A1 was a POS. I still can't believe it's still the issue rifle (M4 M16 bleh).

When first issued it was a jam-o-matic. We were told it didn't need cleaning. Yeah right.
If the M1 had been rushed into combat use as the M16 was, it would have had a similar reputation.

(1) The gas trap system.
(2) The rifle needed grease.

That and the M16A1 is not the issued rifle.

It's really too bad the SCAR-16 didn't make it but the SCAR-17 is still in service (along with the M14), something about a piston gun's reliability.
No, something about needing a 7.62 autoloader in certain situations and the M14 was still in the system.

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