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I bought it when CMP was selling them for $175 and it seemed they couldn't get rid of them even at that price. Mostly I've been shooting the 52-D, Kimber 82G, and Rem 40-X I bought because those are so much more capable, and match shooting was my primary focus. But shooting them is something of a production and formal. Some times a guy just wants to plink, and doesn't want to mess around with a 14 pound rifle. For that I have a bunch more; Win 1906, Win 62, Rem 121, MAS 45, Ans 1415-1416, Ruger 1022, Win 9422 / 9422M, Browning T-2, Springfield 1922 and the M44. Now you can see how I just might not have gotten around to shooting it!

I'm expecting it would probably shoot similar to either the T-2 (which isn't very accurate) or the MAS 45, but not as good as the Ans 1415-1416. Better than the pump gun repeaters
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