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Originally Posted by n7gxz
I've seen several pictures posted where folks have colored (usually with white) the markings on the sights which makes them much easier to see.

What product is being used to do the coloring and what procedure to do it?
Folks use an assortment of things, but usually paint (like the enamel used in model building) or nail polish if they wish the job to last.

Whenever I paint sights, I carefully tape-off the areas where I do not want the paint (if I perceive the possibility that it may migrate) ... I also leave a tab on the tape so that I can easily remove it right after I apply the paint.

I often use toothpicks to apply the paint.

TIP: If you want to paint your blued sights something other than white, first paint them white (and allow them to dry) before applying the color paint. The white "base" brightens the color.
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