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Thumbs up Lacquer Paint Pen from Brownells

Brownells sells lacquer paint pencils that are used for this purpose (white is probably most common). There is a technique to doing this without making a mess.
my method:
- cleand area around the lettering with alcohol
- rub the paint pen into the lettering recess (just smear it in so all recessed areas are covered well).
- with a peice of cardboard (like the stiff back of a note-pad), wipe off the excess. The cardboard acts like a flat surface and will allow the paint to stay in the recess. Always use a fresh peice with each wipe.
- use Mineral Oil on a que-tip and remove the color haze left by the wiping. Be careful not to get the oil on the paint you want to leave since it will break it down as well.

On the cleanup, I normally do as good as I can and then lket it sit for a day or so to let the paint "set". Then I go back and do the detail cleanup.
Paint will set hard in a few days. Cleanup will be much harded if you wait too long.

If you screw it up, no problem, just start over. A couple trys and you will be an expert.

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