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Default The New Hi Lux Unertl USMC Micrometer

I did (finally - USPS lost it) receive my Hi Lux 8X USMC Malcolm Vintage Sniper Scope with the new "Competition" Mounts - and was able to compare it with my real deal, original Unertl USMC micrometer mount, which I was lucky enough to find a couple of years ago - and yes, it was expensive.

I am pleased to say that the new Hi Lux product is functionally and visually a very good reproduction of the original Black coated USMC micrometer, but is actually an even BETTER piece of precision gear than the original Unertl ring, with crisper clicks and a couple of valuable improvements that, while retaining "The Look" but making it much easier to use on the range.

As others have previously reported, the optics of the Hi Lux Malcolm USMC scope itself are very clear and bright, and the previous "Lyman style" mounts have served pretty adequately for their owners, but this new "Unertl style" mount is at a whole new - and much improved - level of usefulness.

Not only are the clicks much crisper and more defined than my real USMC Unertl mount, but while they were building it, Hi Lux Malcolm thoughtfully improved it in ways they knew would actually be useful to the target/competitive shooters that buy this type of scope.

First, they reoriented the numbers on the elevation knob so you are not reading it sideways, and changed the direction of rotation so that it is the same as all modern optics/rifle scopes - so you do not get confused that you are moving your shot group one way when in fact you are moving it the opposite!

And a Very Neat new feature - once you have your gun zeroed, you can loosen the elevation and windage knob screws, then simply lift up the knob and reset it to read Actual Zero. So each time you pick up the rifle you can start from your ACTUAL mechanical Zero, and all of your calculations and come ups start from your real Zero! A very big upgrade, for ease of use/ergonomics and easy mental calculations on the fly.

So, if you've been waiting for that elusive original 8X Unertl to turn up for a none crazy price (as I did) - Good Luck with That - thinking it would be better, well, those days are done. The new mounts combined with the superior Brightness of modern coated optics make the new Hi Lux package functionally superior to a real Unertl 8X - and easier to learn and use.

For those of you who are happy already with their already purchased Hi Lux USMC scope but not thrilled with the Lyman style mounts, Hi Lux sells the new Malcolm/Unertl Vintage Competition USMC mounts separately so you can upgrade.

I have my rifle scheduled for the drilling and tapping soon, and will tell you more about it after I have put some rounds on paper.

Here is a Hi Lux video showing the new Vintage Sniper Competition Mounts in use on the range on their M1903A1 from 100 to 600 yards.

Here is the web page for the new rings:

Nice to see the company spend the time and money to build a better mousetrap for what is a fairly small market. Kudos to Hi Lux Malcolm for a job well done. CC

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