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Originally Posted by Louisxllx View Post
The YouTube guy needs help ❧
It is my experience that so far none of the young people I have met have had the benefit of shooting Service Rifle with a real, wood and steel rifle and the shooting sling - and have to "feel their way along"! It's a shame they haven't had enough REAL Rifle training.

I was lucky - Uncle Sam was still supplying the DCM Rifle Clubs around the US with ammo and rifles when I was about twelve back in the '60's, and an old USMC Instructor taught me how to hold, shoot, use a sling, positions, the works. I used an M2 Springfield and DCM brown box ammo at the 50 foot indoor range in Independence, MO., and later a NM M1 at the State Championships at Fort Riley, KS.

Each one Teach One - all the younger generation needs is some good instruction !

PS - Here's another Hi Lux video on the new USMC Mounts:

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