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You may want to consider it from a different viewpoint (that of CMP):
CMP doesn't sell gun cases. They don't offer a selection of different models, market them or even talk about them.
In order to get the rifles from the warehouse to the new owner they must be shipped. Over the years they have cried many methods and many new cases. The goal is to ship the rifles at the best cost to the customer. That cost is made up of 4 components:
1. Labor to pack and ship.
2. Cost of shipping container.
3. Cost from shipping company.
4. Cost of damages (returns, replacements due to damage, etc.). This can not be $0 (just not possible)

Over the years we have seen different cases, and will see more in the future as manufacturers change, QC issues form the suppliers come up, and better cases are offered to them (better as in fitting into the above equation).

CMP's goal is to get the rifle to you. They used to use rifle-size foam lined cardboard boxes. The damage rates were much higher. The total shipping cost to you is lower by using these cases. If the case is damaged in shipment and the rifle is not damaged, then the case did exactly what CMP intended, protected the rifle getting to you.
There were some QC issues with one of the boxes in the past few years; many Garand muzzles were breaking through. Generally the rifle survived 100% but they worked with the Mfg (changed Mfg; I don't recall).

The boxes are for CMP, not us. That we generally get a good quality case from our purchases that will hold most of our non-CMP firearms is simply a bonus.


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