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Originally Posted by captaincalc View Post
Supply and demand. How many driller 03's are left in the CMP empire? How many are left "out there" in the drilling world? Not many, I'd bet. they've been selling LOTS of them for a long time. And the question becomes: if the drillers are too much then why not get a regular shooter? Sounds like a number of you would prefer the shooter. So get one and skip the second rate "gun." Maybe we should suggest they stick the drill 03's on the auction site...
With a price that high, they pretty much killed all the demand...they should raise the price of M1s. If its about supply/demand.

They will never lower the price. When is the last time they listened to customers / competitors? Nobody wanted the saftey glasses rule, yet, its still in the books. They are going to do what they want to.
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