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Originally Posted by Jimbeau_67 View Post
At the end of 2019 03A3's were $670.00. The field grade $670.00 service grade $770.00. started in June after the opening of the Relocation of the North Store.
I guess, without looking, I must have paid $670.00, and back then, that must have been the equivelant of a Service Grade. Essentially, then, Service Grades have increased $100.00.
Looking for Rifles:
Springfield Armory 5,940,259, 5,840,184, 4,238,435 and 2,023,912.
Harrington & Richardson 5,549,399.

Aren't all handguards "UPPER"? If they were "LOWER", wouldn't they be "STOCK".

M1 Garand; Trigger Pack, Gas Tube?????????

"REPO" M1 Parts: The parts you buy that they come to take back later on.

"Furniture" is NOT stocks and handguards.
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