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Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
AIM has the 30-06 PPU that used to be $300/can. Not exactly cheap but it is available as of now.
This is part of a letter SG Ammo customers got. It gives some more details on the ammunition situation.

“We have been dealing with severe shortages of supply, demand that has been off the charts, countless price increases from most major manufacturers and importers, dramatic increases in copper prices, a US dollar that has lost substantial value vs the Euro, and shortages on primers and powder for the many ammo manufacturers that rely on 3rd party sources for these two key components needed to build ammo. It has been the 'perfect storm' to drive prices way up and make many popular types of ammo totally unavailable.”

Also this regarding some Russian ammo they have access to.

“The story with this ammo starts with Covid19 shutting down the primer factory in Russia in April and May 2020, making primers very hard to get in Russia in 2020. The Vympel factory could not source primers for regular production so they disassembled a stockpile of 1970s vintage military surplus ammo harvesting the primed case, then stenciled their logo and '7.62x39' on the case and used that primed case to load lead core commercial ammo for the US market.“
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