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Originally Posted by 2020_Reloader View Post
I am not sure where to post this so if I am in the wrong please please free to move it.

I was looking at the Gun DB section on this page:

I did not look at the date on the OP, but the link, in the origional post took me to a foreign sight in Japanese or Chinese.

Just thought I would let someone know so it can be corrected or removed.

Thank you for the notification...Iíve removed that link.

Originally Posted by epm729 View Post
Dear CMP Admin,
The My Gun Data base is dead. I think its time to remove this category and move on to something else. Respectfully, Eddie
As each of you (and others) have pointed out, in addition to an apparent bad link for the CMP DB site and a lack of activity on this forum and related FB pages, doesnít appear this program is viable/supported any further.
I will follow up and see if we need to remove or close this section.

With that, does anyone have any input as to whether leaving it up will provide any use, I.e - Maybe there is some info in this section that still has relevance and/or applicability to any of our forum members, or even simply a historical reference?
Iíve not used this program, so open to any input from yíall who you have used it as it pertains to the posts/threads in this section and any possible viability.

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