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----- FYI ------

Speedy Metals - Steel Round - 12L14

12L14 Steel Round. Typical Applications. 12L14 is used extensively in automatic screw machines for manufacturing numerous parts requiring considerable machining and close tolerances, along with a smooth finish. 12L14 can be used to maximum advantage where considerable machining is required, such as bushings, inserts, couplings, and hydraulic hose fittings.

It appears he picked a good grade of steel for the Lens covers.

If you have a Unertl scope you should protect it. Just keep both sets of threads nice clean. I had to use a old tooth brush & Q tips with some alcohol to clear all the
" DIRT & STUFF" off the fine threads on 10 x I bought.

The previous owner never used caps & he had it twenty +YEARS!
Always set the cap in place flat on the scope. It's easy to cross thread, it if your ham handed. Work slowly & gently & you will be OK!

Good Luck to all,
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