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Originally Posted by captaincalc View Post
In a by-the-way note: this would be a good time to teach your kids the idea of "buy low." They probably aren't gonna get this lesson in any public school. Buy when prices are low, enjoy when prices sky-rocket. Ask any older guy, prices for ammo stuff go up and down. Over the years I've learned to stock up when I can. I get a little at a time when prices are right, so I don't have to buy a whole lot (at a time) when they aren't. You can't store English muffins, or gasoline like you can reloading stuff.
I see this every year. When hunting season rolls around I have several friends who call me because they can't find ammo. The first one or two times I helped them out. Now, if they let themselves get stuck again it's on them. They've got to learn.

My grandson duck hunts so he's always looking for 12 Ga. 3" steel shot. I don't hunt any more, so last season I gave him all my steel shot, about 6 boxes, and 25 or 30 rounds of buckshot. I gave him a Remington 700 .30/06 when he graduated high school a couple of years ago. With that came 200 rounds of HXP and 100 rounds of commercial 150 gr. soft point. He's still ok on the rifle ammo. This summer I taught him how to reload and gave him enough components to get started. Now he needs to build up a supply of components when the prices are reasonable.

I'm going to date myself here... I still have several hundred Super-X 12 Ga. 2.75" #6 lead shot from my earlier duck hunting years. These are from the days of 500 shell cases... way back when their shells were marked Mark V plastic. They won't do my grandson any good since they're lead shot.

A few years ago, before Covid, our local grocery had a close out on their brand of 18 roll packs of double roll toilet tissue. They were changing to 4x rolls so the 2x rolls were marked down 75% off. I bought the remaining 10 packs... yes, that's 180 double rolls. No problem, we had the room to store it. When I got home my wife looked in the car and said, "I see they had a good sale on toilet paper!" We're both on the same page when it comes to "Buy it cheap and stack it deep".
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