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Originally Posted by B Scott View Post
I was first in line at the TMP this morning. There were 14 rifles present.
12 Gap Letters
1 M1C
1 Expert Grade in 30.06 which had a WW2 Springfield receiver. This went home with me.
One of the Gap Letters had a a faint SA cartouche. Unknown inspector, possibly the last letter an "F"
I didn't inspect the rifles for IH stocks.
There were a few dated WW2 slings, and a basket of undated WW2 slings.
Plenty of 30.06, .22, and shotgun ammo, but only one case of .308 ammo left.
A wide variety of ammo, but I bought the last two boxes of .45 ball and there was no .38 ammo.
I will add my thanks to Tom for all of his reports over the years!
I was near by so I did a double check just in case of restock!!! No luck!!!

IHC Gap Letter 4 million, 9

M1C, 1

Good luck on your searches.
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