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Originally Posted by Griff557 View Post
I don’t quite agree….two years later the local sporting goods shelves are still bare not just 9mm .22 rimfire or the evil black rifle 5.56 there are no 12 gauge trap loads or hunting loads no 30-06 or other common calibers. I haven’t seen large rifle primers or powder since I can’t remember when. The manufactures claim they are running at full capacity-one would think after this long the shelves and supply would catch up. I really believe there is something else going on this time
I need to be honest I dislike these threads with a passion, yet I post in them, why.... I'm not really sure.
EVERY time there has been a shortage, these threads come up.
EVERY time the shortage ends and prices/Availability return.

Go to SGammo, etc etc..........they ALL have the ammunition you are looking for.
There are several threads here on this forum that list when and where powder and primers are available.
It's that simple.

For me...... I learned from the past 6 shortages and bought during the cheap days between them.

BTW..... last time I was in my LGS they were fully stocked of VV and IMR powders at normal prices.
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