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The regular use powders like 4895, 4064, varget, 4830, retumbo, etc. have been non-existent in my area. Shotgun and pistol powders are somewhat available again for $30-$40 per pound. I haven't seen primers in a store since I last bought them over a year ago. That includes traveling to areas like Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, State College, New York, Ohio, Grices gun shop, etc. It's been very difficult to reload for a REASONABLE price around here unless you want to pay for shipping and hazmat from Midway, Brownells, etc.

Ammo prices haven't really changed either although inventory has STARTED to return. When I've seen PPU and other 30-06 FMJ type range ammo it's always been $2 a round. 5.56 is usually about .50 cents a round or more. I can't agree that ammo and reloading supplies are not hard to find, they are hard to find around my area. When they are around, expect to pay a premium. Glad they prices and inventory are retuning to normal in other areas though, that's a good sign!
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