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Originally Posted by Auguy74 View Post
thanks for all the advice! I'm still set on just cleaning the stock, it's got a great color and patina for me, I just want to remove the slight tacky feel it has in places. I know some of you have mentioned mineral spirits, or a 50/50 mixture of BLO and mineral spirits. which would be better to clean it with: mineral spirits, BLO or RLO? I was probably going to try and clean and lube everything down this weekend so I can take it to the range soon.
Based on that I suggest a 50/50 mix of BLO and turpentine.
Follow the directions in this thread and video. Take your time, do a light 50/50 scrub, see how it looks. Repeat if you want, when done, a coat or so of full strength oil and impress your friends.

You can use a straight solvent (turp, mineral spirits) but it is that, a solvent so will cut the existing oil quickly. You like the patina so use the 50/50 and you can scrub away and not take off too much.


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