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I have to chuckle every time anyone asks about stock treatment and finishing. A billion different opinions. My nickel opinion…. Since you want to preserve the original finish as much as possible I would try with the RLO first and the cheese cloth. Most BLO is not pure and full of a bunch of synthetic drying agents. Will give you a glossier look, which is not a USGI look in my opinion. I wipe RLO with a cloth, let it sit for 5 minutes or so then wipe off with a clean cloth, sort of buffing. That way you wont get any excessive buildup. I actually take a tooth brush and get in all the crevices as well. Takes longer but not goobers of crap on the stock. If it is still tacky try just mineral spirits or 50/50 w/RLO. Just Mineral spirits will lighten the stock, but will go back with coat of RLO. I would not bother with a black trash bag, that for really greasy funky stocks. Yours is pretty clean right now. You can just sit in the sun if you want. I just leave them in my garage. Good luck what ever you do!
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