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Originally Posted by youngblood1989 View Post
Iím looking into buying one of these, but am wondering if there are certain years of production that are better quality, or are they all about the same? I donít need a brand new one, but if I bought a new one would the quality be good as say a rifle built 20 years ago? Just want to make sure Springfields quality hasnít slipped like most companies have these days.
About the same. Good question though. There were earlier years built with all g.i. parts including g.i. chrome lined barrels. Those are much more desirable to most and usually command a higher price because g.i. parts are now very scarce.

Oddly enough, the dies they were using back then actually allowed the g.i. barrels to spin up and headspace within a given safe range. Since time and use is the enemy of all dies, the ones that replaced the old dies didn't work as well when using chrome lined barrels, g.i. or commercial. A build would be hit or miss when it came to headspace concerns.

Now they use chrome moly barrels that can be reamed to set headspace. Not as easy to clean and probably not as robust regarding wear.

The good news is that they have a good warranty and honor it to whomever owns the rifle. In other words, you could buy an early 5 line stamped receiver that has 7.62mm on it that is 30 years old or more, and they will honor any warranty claims. Not self inflicted damage though. Common sense. No reloading either but they never ask.

You won't find any statement saying all that about lifetime of the rifle warranty, no matter the owner, but the Reese family is a class act and I have never heard of them denying warranty claims.

That's good too, because there have been a lot of claims, but the important thing is, they take care of it. I would say, buy with confidence, new or old, and enjoy. They are a blast. Pun intended.

I'll send you a private message. I might have something you are interested in seeing. I've been tormented about selling more of my collection, but eventually we all get old and things
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