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I thought this through to the point of figuring out a price point.

The 1911 program is selling service grade handguns at 1050 vs Colt's MSRP on a 1911 Classic (new) of $ 30% more than a common modern example of the same gun.

If instead we use the SA Standard M1A price point of $1700...that "backs in" to a service grade price of about $2250 per rifle. If it costs $500 per rifle to inspect, modify (once we get the whole "NOT ALLOWED BY BATF" out of the way LOL), process orders and ship....then if 5000 rifles could be processed per year that would create a net cash flow of +$8.75 Million per year for around 15 years...or $130 Million in total....and that's a conservative estimate.

Just sayin.

Step 1 is finding a congressman and a senator and explaining the dream to them.


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