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Originally Posted by Gewehr43 View Post
Oh ..... the article you linked was from 2016 and the imbedded video from 2007...........

But the problem with assuming what they are or aren't destroying now is that:

-there were Govt orders to stop the destruction of M1, M1911's etc.
-The M14 began to be retrofitted and used again by the Military beginning in the early 2000's and were used up until the 2014 timeframe........

So whatever weapons they are destroying now are not those.......
ie the parts shown in the picture look like M16A1 parts.........

Not mention, as the photo shows, the parts/rifles, whatever, maynot be serviceable anyways.
Anniston is a HUGE arsenal rebuilding/retrofitting ALL sorts of weapon/systems.....
So they maybe destroying unserviceable parts........
True a little dated, but my response was limited to Automatic weapons. 1911s are not in question. While I can't sight you a source, because I don't care enough to go to the trouble, I am pretty sure the government stance on surplus automatic weapons has not changed.
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