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Originally Posted by ZvenoMan View Post
I have no comments on Bula (plenty will post after me) but I have always wondered why, when purchasing a shorter (than standard) barrel builders consider a match or NM barrel?

Few would shorten the barrel and seek additional accuracy.
I have rifles with match barrels and I have carbine versions of rifles, they are for different purposes (for me). Seems to me a shorter version of a rifle, while not expected to be "less accurate", does not have a need for accuracy above the standard. Let's assume the average accuracy of an M14 opens up (50% for argument) with a shorter barrel. (I don't know that accuracy would suffer; I know of a few rifles where any length in a specific range, say 18-24" makes no difference). Will that make it less suited for the task designed? If it went to say 4-5 MOA would you notice (other than shooting targets)? I assume a "paratrooper" model is not to be a DMR?
And would the NM barrel make back up that drop (if it exists)?
I used to shoot IDPA/IPSC matches and some of the yahoos bragged about their match barrels (in Glocks, etc.). Few outshot me, and I'm no expert, and my match pistols are stock + 3dot sights.
Is it the Indian or the arrow?

Maybe someone has some facts to change my mind?

The contour of the barrel has much to do with it's rigidity. NM contour has significantly more metal and therefore less flex would be expected. Shorter barrels lend themselves better to different applications. This one utilizes a 16.5" which I use suppressed. With proper assembly and ammo, accuracy is very close to the 22" variety.

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