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Default Cool M14 Kit Build M1 Garand Receiver

So we bought this at our shop from an old man that sells stuff to us from time to time. It's an M14/M1A build from all GI parts on a modified Garand receiver. We have no clue who did the conversion and the parts that are cut and modified are all rough it looks like it was all done by hand. The rifle works really good as far as function. It came to me with a brown plastic GI stock but I had this one around and swapped the solid hand guard for a slotted one. Otherwise I didn't change anything. (I haven't put the buttplate on yet when I took these pictures). The barrel is H-R 1962 and the op-rod and trigger group are TRW. The recoil spring guide doubles as the front hook for the magazine and is a M14 guide, the little spacers on each side are aluminum to keep it from moving side to side. There's a few strange oddities like the sight base that's been soldered on the gas block but the front sight is out on the flash hider. The front hand guard ferrule has a strange extension under the hand guard. The bolt and receiver are the only M1 parts left.

Thought Id show it off a bit. It looks good and is super interesting the way it was done.

Here's the sides of the altered receiver:

Here's a comparison with a M1 receiver:

Here's the recoil spring guide that is also the front magazine catch:

The front stock/handguard ferrule with the smooth extension and the sight base soldered on the gas block:

All the parts look like a complete M14 kit with a Garand receiver and bolt. Shoots good. Just another oddity to add to the collection. Thought you might enjoy seeing it.
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