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here's an interesting tidbit

M14 RIFLE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT 83XM21 and M21 (NSN 1005-00-179-0300) - $1278.00Mk 14 Mod 0 (NSN 1005-01-525-7718) - $2400.00Mk 14 Mod 0 (NSN 1005-01-531-7324) - $3361.30The M39 EMR (NSN 1005-01-553-5196) unit price in October 2008 was $3,930.17.Receiving the M14 - When the new-in-box M14 rifles were received by the Army and Marine Corps, oil was present in the gas cylinders because of the factory lubrication. Thus, the U. S. Marine Corps issued Technical Instruction TI-02648A-15/6 to deal with the problem. This Technical Instruction references U. S. Army TM 9-1005-223-12 which requires that each M14 rifle to be field stripped, cleaned, and lubricated prior to firing. The gas cylinder, gas piston and gas cylinder plug should be thoroughly cleaned and dried the first time the rifle is cleaned.In the U. S. military, the selector shaft lock was installed on most M14 rifles so that only semi-automatic fire could be employed. However, the Table of Organization for the U. S. Marine Corps required three automatic riflemen per rifle squad when the M14 was the issue rifle. In Viet Nam, U. S. Marine Corps units such as the 1st Marine Division 1stReconnaissance Battalion and the Combined Action Platoons (CAP) were equipped with selector switches on their M14 rifles in Viet Nam. Automatic fire was used in ambush situations and by the patrol point man when making enemy contact.Reliability - Reliability of a weapons system is a timeless characteristic of paramount importance. Military personnel engaged in combat will not trade the reliability of a weapon for anything, including weight. The weight of the rifle is not considered a burden but a life sustaining tool. That tool must function when needed. The M14 rifle has proven itself trustworthy in many places and in many climates.The M14 rifle was tested for sustained fire in 1960 at Fort Benning, GA. In particular, one M14 rifle was fired continuously at a rate of sixty rounds per minute for 3080 rounds. The test ended when the chambered rounds started pre-igniting because of the hot barrel. The barrel never failed to stabilize the exiting bullets. The front end of the stock and the hand guard eventually burst into flames but the rifle continued to fire. At Fort Benning, the M14 rifle was found capable of firing 600 rounds in heavy rainfall without any malfunctions.
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