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Originally Posted by Random Guy View Post
I agree with Ted it's a wealth of information (BTW, his 2019 edition is actually the 6th Edition). I had the pleasure of working with him on editing the 6th Edition with regard to my research on the various post-M21 Product Improved sniper rifles. Vol 1 is my favorite given all the historical information in that volume.

Here's a quick recap, it all started in 2000-01 with Navy SEALS wanting a more compact and modern M14, and a small arms engineer at Crane who was assigned as the Mk 14 Program Manager and worked on the program from 2001 to 2011. He was also subsequently the Contract Officer Representative (aka COR) for the military purchase of all the various SAGE chassis systems during that decade plus time period. I am trying to get him to write a book on Crane small arms history, so we shall see:

2004: Mk 14 Mod 0 gets its NSN (although it appears some field use may have already been underway)
2005-6?: Mk 14 Mod 1 gets its NSN
2007: USMC M39 gets its NSN
2007-8?: US Army EBR-RI gets its NSN (1005-01-D17-0487)
2011: Navy Mk 14 Mod 2 gets its NSN

So the SAGE chassis extended the M14 service life by a decade plus, but it was heavy and the EBR-RI was an interim solution.

After the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were winding down, the US Army procurement folks finally put out a new SDM contact in 2016, as they wanted to replace the 6200 M14-based EBR-RIs with something more modern, lighter, and sustainable from a procurement and lifecycle support perspective. H&K won the contract, and here's Emerson's quick history on that subject:

...Anyhow, I highly recommend Lee Emerson's books for anyone interested in M14 history.
So which version did the OP post?
I assume the 1st edition?

And you are quoting which version or who?
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