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Originally Posted by checkmate19 View Post
Steelap , can you find the old posts about the mann builds? Several were done here several years ago. A few were true works of art. I remember one guy owned a machine shop and made a fantastic rifle. Another is one that was reported stolen only to be relocated in the garage a year later. Good luck and keep us posted. I miss watching the builds and the different ideas that were used.
Yes, I've read the old posts. There were some beautiful rifles built.

When/if this one is finished I will have two - one on a M1903A3 cut off stock (fore end) and one with a custom stock (I hope).

I have carefully saved the pieces from the first rifle (the collar, the stock, etc.) so I can return it to original configuration if I want to. The second one is built up from a purchased Mann barrel, which came only with the collar.

Thanks for all the help and encouragement.

I will post pictures when there is something to show.

"Life is Good!"
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