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Originally Posted by Logdog View Post
Does anyone have a picture of the fixture a Mann Device rides in. I have a very heavy base with two fixtures for securing a tube. I bought it 10 years ago near Aberdeen Proving grounds from a gent who said it was a mann device base. I'll post pictures later
Col Brophy's book "The Springfield 1903 Rifles" has a chapter called "Pressure, Velocity and Accuracy Devices". It contains several period photos of machine rests.

On page 223 in a section called "Accuracy Tests" it has a reproduction of a test procedure including the equipment to be used. It states:

Rest "Woodworth: Type -
Mann Type "V" Block**
Rest, Recoil, Accuracy, Cal.30 Ordnance Drawing 49-6-40B

**For cal. .22 cartridges

Further down the procedure says:

"If however the basic Frankford Arsenal rest be available, then only the "V" blocks indicated are need to satisfy the requirement."

Block "V", Recoil, Cal. .30 Assembly Ordnance Drawing D-45100

The way I read it there was a "Woodworth Rest", and a "Frankford Arsenal Rest".

The "V" block fitted the rests interchangably (?). There may have been (2) different "V" blocks: one for .30 cal and one for .22 cal.

You might want to check out the Brophy book and Hatcher's books as well for photos and information.

Also, I believe you can get copies of obsolete Ordnance Drawings from the govt, maybe the National Archives and records Administration?

Good luck

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