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Seems to me that any significant heat transfer to the receiver would manifest into a discoloration of the original park and/or if the temper was altered, there would be a distinguishing "discoloration" of a subsequent park similar to the annealed heels on some Garands. I have removed the barrels from 4 of these receivers and reparked them. No change in color except the lower tack weld is stainless and will not accept park. But, having said that, it really doesn't make any sense to buy something like this to shoot. Better to buy a RG/FG, repark, replace stock and barrel it if necessary. On the drill, You will have to cut the barrel off, cut off the gas plug, lock and gas cylinder (ruins them), the bolt face is welded. Some have a stainless spot weld in the oprod channel. By the time you purchase and replace all of that, you will have a lot of money in a rifle that will always be a drill receiver.
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