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Default Smallbore lenses

CMP rules
5.2.1 Metallic Sights
Metallic sights may have light or polarizing filters, but they may not contain any system of lenses. A single corrective lens may be attached to the rear sight. Competitors who are 21 years of age or older in the year of the competition may also use a magnifying lens in or on their front sights (maximum +0.75). Spirit levels are permitted on the front or rear sights.

NRA rules

3.7 Sights
(a) Metallic
(1) Non-corrective: Any sighting system, constructed of
metal or equivalent, which provides a method of aim-
ing or aligning 2 separate but visible sights, or reference
points mounted on the rifle, including tube sights and
non-magnifying color filters.
(2) Corrective: Same as (1), except that a lens or system of
lenses, not containing an aiming reference or reticle at
the focal plane of any such lens or system of lenses, may
be included in such system.

Based on the above from the 2020 rulebooks, the Gehman you describe would be legal under NRA rules, but not under CMP rules.
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