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The date of "1918" on the scabbard clearly indicates that this item began life in World War I as a rifle scabbard meant to be horse mounted, along with the McClellan saddle and other tack of that vintage. At that time, the 1903 Springfield rifle was the standard service issue weapon.

It was obviously converted for the M1 Garand at some point, but whether it was meant for mounting in a Jeep or other vehicle is speculation. There was a Philippine Cavalry unit which was horse mounted and armed with the M1 Garand which made the last US Cavalry charge in battle in December 1941.

Re-purposing available military issue items is a long time practice. I have a photo taken in 1918 of my Grandfather sitting in a World War I truck, and attached to the side is a leather 1885 three strap saddle bag which was probably holding tools for the truck.
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